photo of Valeria Bertacco

Prof. Valeria Bertacco
Co-Director, Computing CARES

Valeria Bertacco is the vice provost for engaged learning at the University of Michigan. She is an Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and associate dean for physical sciences and engineering in the Rackham Graduate School. Bertacco is a founder of Computing CARES and has led a number of efforts to increase access to and equity in computer science.

photo of Amir Kamil

Dr. Amir Kamil
Co-Director, Computing CARES

Amir Kamil is a lecturer in computer science and engineering and teaches hundreds of computer science students each year. He is a member of the CSE Diversity and Outreach Committee and has been active in developing engaged teaching practices for large courses.

Student instructors

Makayla Beardsley

Makayla is an undergraduate data science student and is an instructional aide for EECS 183 and Computing CARES. In the previous two years, she was a member of and peer mentor for the Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program, where she was able to mentor, connect with, and learn from other undergraduate women in STEM. She was drawn to Computing CARES because she values the idea that everyone belongs in EECS, regardless of identity or status. Her experiences teaching and developing the CSP section of EECS 183 have further inspired this drive to make sure everyone has a place at the “table” of EECS.